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Organic liquid and trace element fertilizer with high surface adhesion

Pure vegetable, organic leaf- and trace element fertilizer. Rich wit natural amino acids
• Mainly supplies the plant with organic nitrogen and trace elements from pure vegetable sources
• Rich in potassium with very good adhesion to the leaf
• The good adhesion effect ensures optimal conversion of the nutrients on the leaf
• Compliance with the recommended amount of water guarantees the optimum effect
• Very good effect on lawns through improved oxygen circulation


- V² Vital Vegan besitzt eine gute Haftwirkung in Kombination mit Flüssigdüngern, Pflanzenschutzmittel & Herbizide.

- Mischpartner werden schneller von der Pflanze aufgenommen.

Preparation: Perform mixed samples before application.

First mix the fertilizers or pesticides that have not been tested in small quantities and make a sample spray.Wait one day for the reaction of the lawn.

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