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Can plants from the cold, heat and

Protect drought!

Listed in the resource list for organic farming in Germany.

Turf on golf & sports fields often suffers from various environmental stressors. Due to dryness and heat stress, frequent use of chemicals and intensive cutting, grass can react very quickly to stress.


VeganoFluid is absorbed by the leaf very quickly and distributed throughout the plant. The contained amino acids are an important osmoregulator of the plant. So VeganoFluid improves the regulation of osmotic pressure in the plant cell.

The plant treated thereby saves the energy and time consuming
Synthesis and can react very quickly to environmental stress such as heat, cold, dryness.

By improving plant stress tolerance, VeganoFluid also indirectly improves plant resistance to plant diseases.

Laboratory studies have shown that photosynthesis improves and stabilizes cell membranes  at osmotic stress.

• Strengthens the immune system of the plant
• Protection from heat, cold, dryness
• Improvement of plant resistance
   => slight fungicidal effect due to the small gap opening
   => harder to penetrate into the plant for fungal spores
• Important osmotic regulator of the plant
   => Regulation of osmotic pressure in the plant cell
   => fast response in extreme weather conditions
• fast foliar uptake and distribution of nutrients
• optimaler Nährstoffdünger

Silicon cannot be mixed with VEGANOFLUID!

Optimal is the mixture with V2 - VITAL VEGAN

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