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Ohne / mit Veganosol
VEGANOSOL supports plant and soil multiple times!


• Fertilizer and also activator for the soil organisms

• Works fast and long-lasting
• Vegan and organic
•  Pleasant smell

• Rich with amino acids!

• Provides a uniform and dense gowth for the turf as well as eliminates entanglement

• Improved soil structure and promotes humus build-up

• Suitable for continuous use

• High washout safety
• Effective water storage
• Very good for people, animals and the environment
• Recognized as organic fertilizer


• Uniform, dense growth and inhibition of felting

• Promotes turf removal

=> more stable turf layer

• Improves water retention capacity

=> less dry spots

• Natural decline of weeds

• Counteracts soil compaction

=> favors root growth

• Rapid growth of aerifying holes

=> Greens are faster avaiable to play

• No flushing of nitrogen into groundwater 
• Significantly increased root growth after 2 - 3 years
• Long lasting effect

=> 4 - 6 months no fertilization necessary

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